Course Syllabi (Samples)


These are sample syllabi for BC History courses for student reference during registration for the upcoming semester(s). The syllabi may not be updated, but they are provided just to give you an indication of the topics and workload.

Spring 2019 Sample Syllabi

HIST BC 1302 European History 1789 to Present
HIST BC 1760 Introduction to African History: 1700- Present
HIST BC 2380 The Social and Cultural History of Food in Europe
HIST BC 2482 Revolutionary America, 1763-1815
HIST BC 3392 Senior Thesis Seminar
HIST BC 3491 Making Barnard History
HIST BC 3504 19th Century NYC Spatial History
HIST BC 3776 Mapping the Ekopolitan Project: A Spatial Approach to Pan-African Circulations
HSME 2811 South Asia: Empire & Its Aftermath
HIST BC 3830 Bombay/Mumbai and its Urban Imaginaries


Fall 2018 Sample Syllabi

HIST BC 1062 Introduction to the Later Middle Ages, 1050-1400
HIST BC 1101 Introduction to European History: The Renaissance to the French Revolution
HIST BC 2408 Emerging Cities: 19th-Century Urban History of the Americas and Europe
HIST BC 2413 History of the United States, 1940-1975
HIST BC 2423 The Constitution in Historical Perspective
HIST BC 2440 Introduction to African-American History
HIST BC 2664 Reproducing Inequalities: Families in Latin American History
HIST BC 2980 World Migration
HIST BC 3062 Medieval Economic Life and Thought
HIST BC 3360 London: From 'Great Wen' to World City
HIST BC 3391 Senior Thesis Seminar
HIST BC 3549 A History of Violence: Force and Power in Early America
HIST BC 3870 Gender & Migration: A Global Perspective