April 7, 2016

The History Department announces the Sophomore Seminar, seminars specially designated for first- and second-year students.

In an effort to widen the History seminar experience beyond juniors, seniors, and declared majors, the History Department is introducing the Sophomore Seminar, a small, seminar-style course targeted to second-year as well as first-year students. All students are welcome, not just those intending to declare a History major.

-Sophomore Seminars feature small enrollments (limited to approximately 15), discussion-based learning, and close exchange with faculty anD peers.
-Seminars are 4 points each and fulfill the Historical Studies GER.
-They do not have prerequisites.
-Sophomores will be given enrollment priority; then first-years; then juniors and seniors.

In fall 2016, we will offer two Sophomore Seminars:

Gender and Migration: Global Perspectives, with Prof. Moya
BC 3870 (new numbering)
T 2:10-4

Explores migration as a gendered process and what factors account for migratory differences by gender across place and time; including labor markets, education demographic and family structure, gender ideologies, religion, government regulations and legal status, and intrinsic aspects of the migratory flow itself.

A History of Violence: Force and Power in Early America, with Prof. Lipman
BC 3549 (new numbering)
M 2:10-4

Coercion, war, rape, murder, and riots are common in American History from the European invasion to the Civil War. How did violent acts transform early American societies? Readings are a mix of primary historical sources and scholarly works.