The History seminar application period is now open for 9 CU seminars which require a departmental application. Applications are due March 28th for priority admission.

All BC seminars require instructor's permission (but not an application). Students MUST email the professor prior to the start of classes, then enroll themselves during their registration period. (Note that if you do not obtain permission, you run the risk of removal from the course. All Barnard seminars require permission.)

Please also take note that all Barnard College History Majors must take the HIST BC3391-92, Senior Research Seminar in History.  This seminar is not limited enrollment and is not on the seminar list.  You will only need to register for this class and you do not need instructor permission for this class if you are a rising senior. 

Please follow the instructions on the link below carefully and contact Sully Rios ( if you have any questions.