Congratulations NAOMI FISCHER and SARAH GALE
(History Majors, Barnard College)

President’s Global Innovation Fund
2017 Fellowship Recipients for Research in European Archives

Naomi Fischer, Domestic Violence Activism in the Early British Suffrage Movement (Barnard College)

Sarah Gale, Kenyan Indians under British Rule, 1956-1960 (Barnard College)

Benjamin Arenstein, Mandate Palestine and the Development of the Hebrew Language (General Studies)

Arielle Alterwaite, The Necessity of Appreciation: Enslaved Women’s Medical Knowledge in Saint-Domingue (Columbia College)

Edward Crouse, Sylvia Pankhurst’s Sedition of 1920: Communism and Civil Liberties in the British Interwar Period (Columbia College)

Janine Ko, Discourses on Sexuality: The Use of Chinese Migrant Labor in the Transvaal (Columbia College)

Benjamin Landis, Correspondence of Wehrmacht Soldiers on the Eastern Front, 1939-1945 (Columbia College)