Anupama Rao, Associate Professor of History, and her colleague Ana Paulina Lee, Assistant Professor of Latin American and Iberian Cultures at Columbia, have been awarded a Center for the Study of Social Difference (CSSD) grant for their project "Geographies of Injustice: Gender and the City." The project will be funded from Fall 2018 through Spring 2020.

"Geographies of Injustice" asks how spatial politics intersects with inequality and social difference (race, caste, ethnicity). Profs. Rao and Lee propose to address the intersections of gender, race, caste, and class as they converge in the context of neoliberal economic change that produce comparative levels of gendered poverty and a housing crisis that has disproportionately impacted women across Brazil, India, and the United States. The researchers focus in particular on marginalized and stigmatized spaces, e.g., "slums," "favelas," "ghettos," and examine how they enable deformations of gendered life as well as the production of creative life-making strategies. The project asks how researchers might generate public-facing pedagogy and outreach that has the capacity to redress spatial inequality through design, policy, activism, and cultural production.