Read what graduating senior RACHEL BELFER has to say about majoring in History!!

As a Barnard first-year, I knew that I wanted to prepare for a career in medicine.  I mapped out a four-year plan that would combine pre-med requirements with my interest in the humanities.  My love for stories led me to major in American History, a choice that ultimately complemented my basic science classes in unanticipated ways.  I developed the ability to think historically in regard to sourcing, contextualizing, and corroborating evidence.  As is the case with science, history evolves.  In both disciplines, perception profoundly shapes hypotheses.  I have studied how historical research can encompass scientific discovery and can intersect interest with medicine and culture.  For example, in doing research for a paper on blood donation policies, I learned that although scientists and policy makers during World War II knew there was no significant difference in blood among races, they maintained blood segregation for racist reasons.  I look forward to bringing my awareness of the interplay between culture and biology to medical school and my career as a doctor.