Read what graduating senior SERENA RAPPAPORT has to say about majoring in History!!

There are so many things that I love about the history major but I'll list just a few.  History can be both extremely broad and very specific. You can learn broad strokes about a civilization (I have, for example, taken a class on the history of gender in China), and you can also take a deep dive into a particular event or personality.  As opposed to other subjects, I find that with history, there are no limits in terms of classes to take because every single event, phenomenon, people, and place have driving historical forces.  In terms of what I have gained from the history major, I feel that a sustained focus on historical issues has enhanced my analytical skills and my ability to write at length on complex topics with many layers.  Anyone who is interested in the driving forces behind human nature would find much of interest in a history major in Barnard.  Barely a day goes by that a headline or article in a newspaper does not have echoes to past historical events.  In this sense, my academic study of history leaves the classroom and is directly linked to contemporary episodes.