2019 Senior Theses

Alexandria Pontious: Reconsidering Progressivism: Agrarian Sentimentalists and Rural Social Organization

Anne Wensley: The Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP): Marvelous Women With Their Eyes on the Stars

Avital Goldstein: From War Memories to War Memorials: America’s 20th Century Wars Viewed Through the National Landscape

Camilla Siazon: Moving Out from Under Hiroshima’s Cloud: Understanding Nuclear Genocide through Film

Charlotte Rauner: Seeing the Future: The Great Depression and the Unpredictability of Crisis

Dani Lefkowitz: A Changing Paradigm: The American Right, Left, and Israel

Emily Reed: Wayward Women and Lady-Lovers: Same-Sex Intimacies Between Women in Progressive Era New York City, 1901-1930

Hannah Leoni-Hughes: Performing Professional Motherhood Conservative Women’s Political Activism through Journalism in Chile, 1964-1989

Hattie Miller: Dimming Friday Night Lights: Race, Gender, and the Ego of a Small-Town

Kate Iida: “To the Workers of the Republic:” María Jesús Alvarado Rivera, Dora Mayer de Zulen, and the Intersection of Indigenous, Labor, and Feminist Activisms, 1909-1925

Klara Nedrelow: Cloaked Propaganda: The Transcontinental Railroad’s Role in Normalizing Chinese Immigrant Exclusion

Miriam Lichtenberg: “An American, Not a Jew”: A History of the Jewish Women of Barnard

Roberta Samuel: The Capitalistic Ecosystem of Fashion Culture: An Exploration of Georg Simmel’s Analysis and its Applications to the Digital Age


Sophie Edelhart: “Bad Girls Like Good Contracts”: The Fight for Unionization at the Lusty Lady Theater in San Francisco, 1992-1998

Sylvie Rosen: The World’s Greatest Price Wreckers: The Rise of American Supermarkets in the 1930s

Veronica Erdman: Undressing Eleanor: Deconstructing the Layers of Eleanor of Aquitaine through Her Life, Legend, and Female Body