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History encompasses the whole of human experience, helping us understand ourselves in the context of our times and traditions through the study of times and traditions other than our own. History means not only the record of the past but also the discipline of investigating and interpreting the past. The study of history develops habits of critical thinking and effective writing, as well as it cultivates the careful analysis of various types of quantitative and qualitative evidence. It should be of value not only to undergraduates who intend to pursue advanced degrees in the field, but also to students interested in exploring the diversity and complexity of the human past, even as they hone their analytical and expository skills.


Attention Students: There are now sample syllabi for BC History courses for student reference during registration for the upcoming semester(s). The syllabi may not be updated, but they are provided just to give you an indication of the topics and workload.

     If you are considering writing a senior thesis, you might be interested in the Senior Thesis Fellowship for European Archives.
    Open to all history majors in CC, GS, and Barnard, the program provides fellowships of $4,500 for 4-6 weeks of research in European archives. It will culminate in a three-day workshop on thesis writing and research by Professor Charly Coleman and Professor Thomas Dodman in Reid Hall in Paris.

     Archives in Europe do not just contain material for European history! In the past, students in the program have written theses on topics in South East Asian, Caribbean, and African as well as European history.

     The program runs workshops over the spring for all students. On February 22 at 11am in Butler Library 308, subject specialists will discuss the best way to find archives and offer some tips and tactics for conducting research. On February 25 at 5pm in Fayerweather 411, graduate student Roslyn Dubler will discuss how to write a great prospectus for the application.

     If you have any questions, if you want to know how to submit an application or if you are interested in the workshops please contact Roslyn Dubler at red2147@columbia, the graduate student attached to the program. Applications will be due on March 29 and successful applicants will hear back shortly thereafter. Applications can be found here!