I’d Like to Take a History Class


If you are interested in taking a History course but need some guidance on where to start, read on. 


A list of our courses is available in the Course Directory linked here (click "H" for department and go to History @ Barnard). Note that this list changes semester by semester.


General advice:

  • In general, seminars are reserved for juniors or seniors and are limited to 15 students. However, sophomores may certainly apply. Non-majors regularly take seminars, particularly if they have some background in the topic acquired in other coursework. Some seminars, such as Introduction to Historical Theory and Method, are actually aimed at sophomores and juniors.
  • Note that lecture courses aren't always 'lectures'; some are quite small and have a significant discussion component (you can check the class enrollment on the course list page).
  • In general, courses are numbered to reflect the type of course and world region:
    • For U.S. and European history courses, 1000-level indicates introductory lecture courses
    • For all other area histories, course numbering begins at the 2000-level. (For U.S./Europe, 2000-level numbering indicates somewhat more advanced lectures.)
    • For all regions, 3000-level courses correspond to undergraduate seminars


World region/epoch is indicated by :

x000-x059: Ancient

x060-x099: Medieval

x1xx-x199: Early Modern Europe

x2xx-x299: East Central Europe

x3xx-x399: Modern Western Europe

x4xx-x599: United States

x600-x659: Jewish

x660-x699: Latin America

x700-x759: Middle East

x760-x799: Africa

x800-x859: South Asia

x860-x899: East Asia

x9xx-x999: Research, Historiography, Trans-National