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Barnard History Seminars:

All BC seminars require the instructor's permission (but only some require an application). Students MUST email the professors prior to the start of classes, then enroll themselves during their registration period. (Note that if you do not obtain permission, you run the risk of removal from the course). Many of these courses are blocked for registration; in these cases, students are required to join the waitlist in SSOL or on myBarnard after getting permission. The instructor will then approve you in the course.

Please be mindful that ALL Barnard College History Majors MUST take the HIST BC3391-92, Senior Research Seminar in History. This seminar is not limited enrollment. You will only need to register for this class and you do not need instructor permission for this class if you are a rising senior.




Spring 2019 Seminars (4 points) Limited Enrollment

may be subject to change http://history.barnard.edu/

BC 3491

Making Barnard History

R. McCaughey

4 pts

T 4:10-6:00

BC 3504

19th Century NYC Spatial History

G. Baics

4 pts

W 10:10-12:00

BC 3580

Mississippi Semester: Child Care, Race, and the History of Welfare (by application only)


P. Nadasen

4 pts

MW 1:10-2:25

BC 3670

Seeking Asylum: History, Politics, & the Pursuit of Justice at the US-Mexico Border (by application only)


N. Milanich

4 pts

TR 11:40-12:55


BC 3776

Mapping the Ekopolitan Project: A Spatial Approach to Pan-African Circulations

A. George

4 pts

TR 2:40-3:55

BC 3830

Bombay/Mumbai and Its Urban Imaginaries

L. Diamond

4 pts

W 6:10-8:00

BC 3392

Senior Research Seminar II (Not Limited Enrollment)


4 pts

W 4:10-6:00