2015 Theses

Annabella M.L.E. Hochschild: Lincoln Kirsten's Americana


Bella Pori: "Songs are Sneaky Things": Pete Seeger's Music as a Force for Political Change


Chaya Himmelman: "To Fortify our Fatherland": Russian National Identity Between East and West, 1825-1855


Chinue A. Forman: "Rehabilitating the Subterranean Poor': The Long and Forgotten Tale of the Men in Project 100,000 and their Lives After Vietnam


Chloe Kling: Banner Ad Funding of the Early Internet: The Transformation of Advertising into the Digital Age


Corinne Teschner: The Change of the Meaning of the Word "Neutrality" in Sweden Throughout the Twentieth Century (1938-1990s)


Elyse Pitock: Columbia University's Gym Crow: Race and the Protests of April 1968


Emily (Chavie) Sharfman: Conflict in Causality: The Orthodox Jewish Historian and Academic Scholarship


Jessica Lillian Lempit: "Known But to God": The Unverifiable Identities of Disparus in France, 1914-2924


Johanna Cohen: Victorian Medicine and the Beginning of Psychology: A Case Study of Anorexia Nervosa


Kathryn Reilly Yurkovsky: "The Mania of the Moment": Cinema, Dance Hall, and the Rise of 1920s Leisure Culture in Britain


Maud Rozee: The Air Force Goes Digital: How MIT Convinced Commanders to Computerize Continental Defense 1949-1953


Mollie Galchus: Viewers Like You: The Audiences and Fan Memories of I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and All in the Family


Morgan Christensen: Becoming Beur: Social Marginalization and the Emergence of a Collective Identity for Paris' Maghrebi Youth


Rachel Belfer: Where "Curiosity" and "Lawless Devices" Lead: United States Human Experimentation in Guatemala, 1946-1948


Rachel C. Furst: "To Thy Own Self Be True": Ernest Dichter & The American 1950s


Sabrina Singer: From Criminal to Citizen: How The Evolution of Public Opinion Won Gay Marriage In The Courtroom


Sara Blad: Brides, Bicycles, and Ballots: The Political Evolution of Harper's Bazar, 1867-1912


Serena Rapoport: "The Japanese race is an enemy race": Legalized Scapegoating of Japanese Americans During World War II


Zoe Heisler: Creating a Sterile Reputation for Eugenics: The Human Betterment Foundation from 1924-1944