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History encompasses the whole of human experience, helping us understand ourselves in the context of our times and traditions through the study of times and traditions other than our own. History means not only the record of the past but also the discipline of investigating and interpreting the past. The study of history develops habits of critical thinking and effective writing, as well as it cultivates the careful analysis of various types of quantitative and qualitative evidence. It should be of value not only to undergraduates who intend to pursue advanced degrees in the field, but also to students interested in exploring the diversity and complexity of the human past, even as they hone their analytical and expository skills.

The Barnard College History Department celebrates our Class of 2020 History majors through a series of Facebook covers showcasing their lives in quarantine and their special memories at Barnard. These unprecedented times call for special commemorations. We will be rotating 5 Facebook covers every couple of days. Barnard College History Department Facebook page

Congratulations to all the graduating History seniors, Class of 2020! You will be known in history books as the Heroic Generation of 2020 on which future positive changes pivot.