Name Title Field Email Room Phone Office Hours
Gergely Baics Assoc. Professor American/Urban History gbaics@barnard.edu

905 Milstein Center

854-0023 Wednesdays 2-4 PM
Mark Carnes Professor American History mc422@columbia.edu 902 Milstein Center 854-5943


Laura Diamond Adjunct Asst. Professor South Asian/ Urban History led2113@columbia.edu 220 LeFrak Center 854-2159 TBD
Luca Falciola Adjunct Asst. Professor European History lfalciol@barnard.edu 219 LeFrak Center 854-2159 TBD
Abosede George Professor African History/ Africana Studies ageorge@barnard.edu 804 Milstein Center 854-3645 TBD
Thai Jones Adjunct Asst. Professor American History tsj2001@columbia.edu TBD 854-2159 TBD
Joel Kaye  Professor Medieval History jkaye@barnard.edu 818 Milstein Center 854-4350 ON LEAVE
Dorothy Ko Professor and Chair East Asian History dko@barnard.edu 803 Milstein Center 854-9624 Wednesdays 2-4 PM
Andrew Lipman Asst. Professor Early American History alipman@barnard.edu 802 Milstein Center 854-5046 Wednesdays 2-4 PM

Robert A. McCaughey

Professor American History  ram31@columbia.edu 901 Milstein Center 854-5938 TBD
Nara Milanich Professor Latin American History nmilanich@barnard.edu 805 Milstein Center 854-1935 TBD
Jose Moya Professor Latin American History jmoya@barnard.edu 903 Milstein Center 854-5097 ON LEAVE
Premilla Nadasen Professor

American History/Women's
and Gender History

pnadasen@barnard.edu 816 Milstein Center 854-5820 Wednesdays 10:30 AM - 12 PM & by appointment
Celia Naylor Assoc. Professor African American History/Africana Studies cnaylor@barnard.edu 817 Milstein Center 854-4876 Wednesdays 11:45 AM - 1:45 PM & by appointment
Anupama Rao  Assoc. Professor South Asian History arao@barnard.edu 815 Milstein Center 854-8547


Lisa Tiersten Ann Whitney Olin Professor European History/European Studies ltierste@barnard.edu 819 Milstein Center 854-4733 ON LEAVE
Deborah Valenze
Professor European History/European Studies dvalenze@barnard.edu 801 Milstein Center 854-5940 TBD
Matthew Vaz Adjunct Asst. Professor American/Urban History mvaz@barnard.edu 224

Mondays/ Wednesdays 5-6PM

Carl Wennerlind Professor European History cwennerl@barnard.edu 806 Milstein Center 854-2055

Wednesdays 2-4 PM

Nancy Woloch Research Scholar American History nw49@columbia.edu 227 LeFrak Center 854-2159 TBD