N. Milanich


On May 1, 2023, Nara Milanich, professor of history, released a Spanish-language version of her book Paternity: The Elusive Quest for the Father, titled ¿Quién es el padre? La pregunta por la identidad paterna a lo largo de la historia, to significant praise. Published by Siglo Veintiuno Editores, ¿Quién es el padre? follows the history of science’s quest to find a definitive paternity test. The book explores how society’s understanding of the social and biological implications of fatherhood has evolved and dives into questions of what lies inside a name, nationality, and identity.

Professor Milanich’s new Spanish-language text has enjoyed an overwhelmingly warm reception from reviewers, with Infobae calling the book an “extensive, profound, and nearly perfect” exploration of the concept of paternity. El Excelsior, Mexico’s leading news source, and Flavia Pitella, a distinguished Argentinian columnist, both recommend the book to their audiences. Aristegui Noticias highlights how ¿Quién es el padre? dialogues with “new perspectives on family and gender” to “reveal the existence of multiple paternities (biological, affective, social, legal) in conflict with each other.” Additionally, Filo News applauds the way Milanich invites readers to “reflect on the complexity and variety of paternal relationships throughout history” with the goal of “transcending stereotypes to understand that before DNA existed, there was still love, care, and the role of a father.” Recently, Milanich discussed the book during a lecture on the topic while in Buenos Aires for the Fulbright Specialists Program. The book has received further positive press from various other Spanish media outlets, all of whom commend Professor Milanich’s thorough and thoughtful approach to a timelessly relevant topic.